Medical Scheme - Reporting & Measurement

The AfA management reporting team has been an integral component of the AfA team ever since inception of the programme over twelve years ago.

The team comprises half a dozen highly skilled and experienced analysts, all of whom have post graduate degrees in statistics or the sciences, and professional information technology support staff who assist with database and server administration. The team has a high degree of data analysis competency, being able to efficiently investigate queries from Trustees about perceived risks and provide considered feedback on available data.  Co-authorship of over a dozen peer reviewed national and international papers and contributions to over twenty presentations at national and international conferences is testimony to the high level at which the team is able to operate. 

In addition to data analysis the team also provide monitoring and evaluation services to the operational management team, providing them with the best possible information to keep a close eye on key trends in the patient population, the maintenance of client service levels and the prioritisation of work for patients at higher risk of failing therapy. The technical infrastructure is well established, stable and powerful, giving the management reporting team access to all patient data coming in via the production systems, including all data for clinical and financial outcomes monitoring. From a reporting perspective the team prides itself in being able to provide clients with prompt, relevant and reliable reports as appropriate to different risk management committees. The team is passionate about transforming data into useful information to allow managers to make the best possible strategic decisions.

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