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HIV Counselling & Testing

HCT is a critical entry point for HIV/AIDS prevention and interventions. Testing is no longer viewed merely as a diagnosis strategy, but is based on the individual's need to know their HIV status for the purpose of changing their behaviour.

The outcomes reached through HCT campaigns:

  • Encourages individuals to proactively protect their health
  • Promotes awareness of HIV/AIDS
  • Prevents the spread of HIV through heightened awareness and knowledge
  • HIV-positive individuals can access the necessary treatment and care including psychological support
  • Reduces the stigma of HIV/AIDS through knowledge and awareness
  • The mandatory post-test counselling sessions encourage individuals to live positively
  • For HIV-negative individuals, it alleviates anxiety and increases awareness of their vulnerability to infection and therefore their need for behavioural change

The benefits of HCT for organisations:

  • Assesses the prevalence of HIV and the associated risk for a specific group
  • Enables the company to implement appropriate HIV interventions, as well as to plan for the future
  • By knowing their status, employees will be able to receive the appropriate treatment and support to keep them healthy and working
  • Encourages employees who test negative to stay negative
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