About AfA

Our Vision
Sustainable health through financial risk management and outcomes improvement for HIV positive lives

Our Mission
Ensuring that AfA-registered individuals have a significantly increased likelihood of living longer and leading more productive lives

Aid for AIDS was launched in 1998 and has since expanded its services across Africa. With our modular treatment programmes we’ve been able to take on clients of all sizes, in all business sectors, locally and internationally. We are the most experienced, the most knowledgeable and furthest-reaching HIV/AIDS management partner, ensuring members have access to the best care throughout their life. We also play a leading role in collaborating with and participating in government-led task teams involved in HIV/AIDS projects.

First and foremost, our people are compassionate. They are honest, accountable and respectful of people’s personal needs. They are innovative thought leaders in their chosen fields of specialisation, creating effective solutions that care for the individual. The team consists of clinical analysts, practitioners and researchers, trainers, project managers and counsellors. Together we form trustworthy, long-term partnerships with each of our clients and a relationship with the patients that we care for.

patient care line
0860 100 646

0800 227 700

cape town office
+27 (0)21 466 1700

0800 600 773
+27 (0)11 671 3824

Email Address afa@afadm.co.za