AfA 4 Me - How to join the Aid for AIDS programme

Step One

If you are worried that you might be infected with HIV, ask your doctor or clinic to test you. This test will be paid for and only you and your doctor will be informed of the results.

Step Two

If the results show that you are HIV-positive, call AfA on 0860 100 646 and ask for an application form.

Step Three

Your doctor will examine you and help complete the form. Your doctor will be paid for completing the form.

Step Four

Fax your completed form to AfA on our toll-free number: 0800 600 773.

Step Five

The AfA medical team is specially trained to review your medical details. They will contact your doctor if necessary, and agree on the most appropriate treatment for you.

Step Six

You will need to visit your doctor for regular examinations and tests.

Step Seven

Your doctor will contact AfA to keep us informed about your condition. If necessary, your treatment plan will be updated.

Step Eight

If you are a medical aid member, submit your HIV claims in the same manner as you would do for all other claims. Alternatively, claims for company funded programmes should be submitted to AfA at: PO Box 38597, Howard Place, 7450.

patient care line
0860 100 646

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