AfA 4 Me - Care & Support

Everything we do at AfA is aimed at improving the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. We really care about your quality of life and we want to make sure you receive the best care possible. We also believe that if your emotional needs are looked after, it not only has a positive effect on you, but also your family and community.

Just some of the care and support we provide:

  • Our treatment support staff give patients one-on-one attention to make sure they understand how to take their medicine and the importance of sticking to their treatment plan.
  • We provide access funding for treatment, including antiretrovirals.
  • Dedicated telephone counselling, giving any advice needed about living a healthy, long life.
  • Counselling is also offered to meet the medical and psychological needs of our patients.

Through all of this we believe that we can help improve overall health, encourage preventive behaviour and make care and treatment more accessible.

patient care line
0860 100 646

0800 227 700

cape town office
+27 (0)21 466 1700

0800 600 773
+27 (0)11 671 3824

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